Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting To Know Goddess DuMORE

I'm here to explain a little about who I am and what I become over the past few years.....I'm over 25 years old but everyone tell me I don't look a day over 17...yell if it wasn't for the multiple tattoos and piercings, I'll get harrass everyday from the cops during school hours just because they think I'm cutting class or out pass curfew, LOL!!! Anyway I'm 100% dominant and NOT just professionally but in my personal life...period!!! I was raise that way especially because my mother did manly jobs such as electrical, maintenance, plumbing, working on cars anything a man did my mother did and she was 5'0" without heels and she raise her 8 kids with the help of my strict grandmother who also was a dominant woman even to my grndmother worn the pants. So all I know is being strict, demanding and because of my mother I learn the sensual side of being a woman, although she did things like a man she still knew how to talk, walk, dress and captivate men. My mother pass when I was young but she talk to her children about life early.

I have done it all as far as the adult entertainment world such as dancing to making adult movies which all was exciting but it didn't fulfill me NOT into I got into Domination...professionally. I'm NOT at all submissive in no way sharp or form but I am dominant and love dominating both men and women. I enjoy doing things most women would turn their head at the thought of. I enjoy NOT only hearing but fulfilling the dirtiest, nastiest, kinkiest, perverted fantasies and desires. I enjoy dishing out both pain and pleasure, humiliating verbally and physically and if I seen a submissive person more then three times I wouldn't mind public play. I enjoy BSDM scenes, domination, fantasies, body worship and all fetishes. I'm not the loud bitchy type...I'm more of a "you know I mean business with the glance of my eyes stare" type meaning I pretty much don't have to say anything but once. I love submissive male and men who love catering to my every needs and NOT just financially, although that's a priority, bottom line it's about you but when it boil down to's about ME...:)!!!

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